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Quality has strong relationship with customer satisfaction, because quality gives pressure
to the customer to built vastly strong relationship with company. In the long relationship
this bound, enabling company to carefully understand the customer’s expectation with
their needs. By doing so, the company are able to enhance customer’s satisfaction. When
company maximize the customer’s pleased experience and minimalize or eliminate the
customer’s unpleased experience. Therefore customer satisfaction will create customer’s
loyalty to the quality satisfaction company.
This research is aimed to study and analyze service quality’s effect (reability,
responsiveness, assurance, empathy and tangibles) partially and simultaneously towards
BPR BKK of Pati Customer’s satisfaction to recognize the most dominant variable
towards BPR BKK of Pati. The population of the rese arch is the active client of BPR BKK
of Pati amounting 1.026 customers, taken 100 samples of them. Statistic test that being
used are validity test with product moment, reliability test with alpha cronbach, double
regression analysis, t test and F test to investigate the research hypothesis.
The result of hypothesis test with double regression analysis shows assurance variable,
empathy and tangible each has coefficient regression of 0,680, 0,253, 0,307 and
sgnification of 0,000, 0,006 dan 0,003 < 0,05 therefore partially the variable gave
significant influence with positive direction towards customer’s satisfaction, for
reliability variable has coefficient regression value of -0,433 and signication value of
0,001 < 0,05 therefore, partially the variable gave significant influence with negative
direction towards costumer’s satisfaction. However, responsiveness has regression
coefficient value of 0,071 and significantion 0,517 > 0,05 therefore, partially the variable
gave insignificant influence with towards costumer’s satisfaction. The result of F test
amounted to 22,906 with signification 0,000 < 0,05 so Ho refused. These indicate that the
reliability, responsiveness, assurance, emphaty dan tangibles has affected simultaneously
towads customer’s satisfacton . Therefore, there is an influence betweeen service quality
towads customer’s satisfaction on BPR BKK of Pati.
Keywords : Service quality and customer’s satisfaction

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