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Development of the Information Technology world has made human life becomes increasingly mullah. Especially since, the creation of the Internet, communication has become increasingly limited and without a hitch, both geographical barriers and time constraints. We can instantly communicate with family / relatives / friends who are in other parts of the world directly melaJui internet network.

Easiness generated by the Internet has also made the administrative process can be facilitated, especially in the process of filling Form Certification Program, Due to the existence of the Internet has made possible the filling forms online Certification Program.

For making online applications, now has available a variety of programming languages ​​that support online applications, such as the ASP (Active Server Pages), PHP (PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor), Coldfusion and Perl. In this opportunity to be the authors use the programming language PHP.

In the implementation so far, charging Forms Certification Program are still using manual systems. This is a waste of time. It jugs make admissions likely to be less conscientious karma number of teachers who have served, it is mcmungkinkan tedadinya, mermasukkan error data when the process of entering data into the database.

When using the online system, teachers can do their own filing directly mclalui computers available in labs, Internet cafes and even from home musing, musing.

This program seeks to improve the old system, a manual and replace it with a bare system, the bar alan online. Replacement system is expected to save costs Berta saving time has been spent during the charging process lasts Forms Certification Program.

Further observations we did together with pars student aims to:

  1. A review of the charging system Form Certification Program is now running.
  2. Making the MySQL database in a format to support the charging system Certification Program online form.
  3. Making the necessary scripts in the process of filling the Registration Form Teacher with the programming language PHP.
  4. System Certification Program online form filling. made include the proof of payment since the teacher exchange, teacher exchange until proof of payment, until the teachers get the proof Forms Certification Program.
  5. The issues raised was related to matters relating to the charging system takes form online Certification Program.


Further observations of the basil and the search for a certain period we found that:

  1. No more queuing at the time of taking the teacher certification program that paper forms are still empty, because it is by using the online system, the form is no longer needed.
  2. Form filling process of the implementation of the Certification Program can be done faster when compared with the charging system of the old Form Study Plan, because teachers no longer need to queue.
  3. Error reading the data by a data input clerk very minimal, because the teachers do their own electoral college mats, and the results are stored directly didatabase.
  4. Teachers can fill out Form Plan Study anywhere, at anytime, during the charging process lasts Forms Certification Program.
  5. Secretariat officers not to bother to serve all teachers, but only a few teachers who have problems filling form certification program.
  6. Security of data each teacher tedamin enough, because every teacher to get a different password, and the teacher can also change the password.
  7. The existence of flaws in the system, namely:
  8. There needs to be more on the socialization of teachers, on how the use and function because in the absence of further socialization, the purpose of the system will be difficult to achieve.
  9. The absence of password security, because passwords are just a NIP.
  10. The absence of cooperation by the parties bank, so teachers still have to meet with the academic to show proof screen.


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