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One  of  the  major  sources  of  change  in  the  world of economy  will  come  from  the emergence of large developing countries. Growth generated by these countries will become a greater force in the world than the current interconnected economy.
Increasing  attention  in  recent  years  is  given  to  opportunities  and  challenges faced by China, India, and other emerging countries to develop countries such as the U.S., Europe, and Japan.  Developed  countries  would  receive  the  flow  of  cheap  imports  from  emerging economic countries, so that it can sustain low inflation, interest rates, and enhance consumer welfare.  At  the  same  time,  countries  like  China  and  India  grow  and  open  up than domestic market.  It  is  being  estimated  that  economic  growth  of  emerging  countries  will  exceed  the economic growth of the developed countries.
The  role  of  Asian  countries  in  the  world  economy  growing  is  to  make  business activities  more  open,  giving  birth  to  new  entrepreneurs, and  certainly  requires  better management  capabilities.  Information  technology  will  become  a  mainstay  in  supporting business  activities.  The  hope  will  be  done  with  the  business  activities  continue  to  promote environmental sustainability.
The process of starting up and developing a business is not just an adventure, but also a real  challenge.  In  order  to  help  entrepreneurs  with  this,  it  is  essential  to  create  a  favourable business  environment.  Ensuring  easier  access  to  funding,  making  legislation  clear,  more effective,  developing  an  entrepreneurial  culture  and  supporting  networks  for  businesses  are important to set up and to grow businesses.
STIE  AUB  Surakarta  proudly  presents  The  2nd International  Seminar  and  Call  for Papers “The  Transformation  of  Cultural  and  Economic  in  Global Market  Acces”.  The international  seminar  aims  to  facilitate  the academics,  researchers,  business,  consultants, students  and  managers  (in corporation,  government,  social  organization,  education institution)  in  Indonesia  and  abroad  to  share  and  exchange  their  thoughts  and  experiences. We welcome sponsorships from organizations to get the  advertisement opportunity with the practitioners, academics, researchers, and students in the field.

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