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We invite unpublished research, empirical study, book review, short communication and high quality research work pertaining to the recent developments and practices in the areas of Economics, Corporate Governance, Industrial Relations, and emerging paradigms in allied subjects like Accounting, Accounting Information Systems, Accounting Theory and Practice, Auditing, Behavioral Accounting, Behavioral Economics, Corporate Finance, Cost Accounting, Economic Development, Economic History, Financial Institutions and Markets, Financial Services, Fiscal Policy, Government and Non Profit Accounting, International Economics and Trade, International Finance, Macro Economics, Micro Economics, Rural Economics, Finance, Banking, Co-operation, Demography, Development Planning, Development Studies, Econometrics, Applied Economics, Development Economics, Business Economics, Monetary Policy, Public Policy Economics, Regional Economics, Tax Accounting as well as emerging paradigms in allied subjects.


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Vol 5, No 2 (2020): November

Table of Contents


Fista A. Sujaya, Yanti Yanti, Rivan Wibowo
Abstract views: 179 | Untitled views: 113
Angga Pratama, Rahmi Andini Syamsuddin
Abstract views: 134 | Untitled views: 67
Nawari Nawari, Lina Auliya Ulfa
Abstract views: 279 | Untitled views: 107
Agus Gunawan
Abstract views: 106 | Untitled views: 35
Siti Fatonah, Lukman Ahmad Imron Pahlawi
Abstract views: 115 | Untitled views: 37
Nunuk Herawati, Murni Sulistyowati
Abstract views: 205 | Untitled views: 110
Nurul Badriyah, Edi Wibowo, Sumaryanto Sumaryanto
Abstract views: 287 | Untitled views: 138
Singgih Darmawan, Retno Setyorini
Abstract views: 107 | Untitled views: 48
Irma Citarayani, Hermin Sirait, Saminem Saminem, Melani Quintania
Abstract views: 97 | Untitled views: 67
Ade Trisyanto
Abstract views: 133 | PDF views: 45